How to Seduce a Libra

Seducing Libra can take a lot more work than most of the other zodiac signs. Whether you find the required style enjoyable or not will probably be the biggest factor in your success.

Libra appreciates the classy look, so make an extra effort to look nice for them. If they aren’t impressed with your appearance it will be much harder to get their attention. If you’re picking a location for a date, choose a nice restaurant, and not a bar, movie, sports event etc.

Similarly, social graces and etiquette are more important here than with almost any other sign. Start off formal and polite, and don’t say anything offensive or confrontational early on in the conversation even if you’re joking (yes, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius I’m looking at you guys!). You may well have the charisma to pull it off normally, but your Libra still wont think it’s cool.


Talk about something light and friendly initially. Libra loves a good debate, so find a subject they want to express their opinion on, and listen to it. Ideally you want to disagree with them, but in a very non-confrontational and pleasant manner. Make it clear you consider their side, and value the points they made. Most of all, remember the goal here is to start a debate, and not a fist fight! Be as eloquent and politically correct as possible. Obviously avoid any subjects which you know you’ll get worked up about.

While seducing Libra keep in mind they’re typically very intelectual and analytical, so be wary of picking a subject which is too complex, unless you know a lot about it. This is a refined and classy sign, so sexual innuendo, rude jokes and vulgarity will turn them off, especially if they don’t know you very well, and even then those are best avoided.

Getting them into bed

First off, it’s worth noting that Libra’s really do appreciate a bed. Cars, stairwells, walls, public parks etc are a bad choice here. They also appreciate a slow and refined overall approach. Candles, music, good food or conversation – you’ll need to set the mood. Yup, sad to say, a 6-pack and a movie probably isn’t going to cut it here. Ditto, talking dirty or flashing too much skin will be a turn off. Refined, sophisticated and classy is your ticket.

Libra seduction using real astrology

The above is written for the “typical Libra”. In practice however each Libra is different due to their other planet placements (moon, mars, venus etc) and some extreme examples may not resemble a Libra much at all. This general information therefore isn’t nearly as specific or accurate as a real astrology reading.



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