Taurus in a Relationship

When you think of the quote “slow and steady wins the race,” Taurus is who immediately comes to mind. It may take a while for the Taurus to find a good partner, but once he does, he is completely and utterly committed. This sign needs a strong base foundation and therefore take plenty of time in courtship to make sure they’re with the right person before settling down. They are not ones to rush into things. However, their loyalty knows no bounds once they decide to take it to the next level. They would rather get to know their partner inside and out with some serious one-on-one time than go out and party to make new friends. Taurus is definitely one to deepen the bond he already has. Taurus also tends to be quite jealous and possessive with their partner, preferring that they only have that special bond with him and no one else. They can become quite upset at the slightest flirtation from their partner.

When it comes to relationships, the sign of the Taurus is not a cheater. Just like the earth, he is constant and steady. He takes a long time to truly fall in love, but he also takes a long time to fall out of love. After a break up, Taurus has a very difficult time moving on once he has already fully committed himself to someone, especially if the break up was not his idea. Taurus is naturally against change of any kind unless he goes out and searches for it himself. Since Taurus takes a very long time opening up to any kind of relationship, if it doesn’t work out he may have a very hard time opening up to another serious one again. The bull is very much a one partner person; once that person is gone, he can often feel like that is the end of love for him.

On the positive side of things, Taurus is very patient, reliable, kind and loving and tends to make an excellent partner for the right person. The bull is ruled by the planet Venus, and as such, tends to put a lot of effort and romance into the courtship. He will often (if not always) place his partner’s needs above his own and will be loyal to end. Faithfulness is strictly expected in return, as a straying partner will definitely put an end to the relationship sooner or later. This sign is not able to put something like cheating behind them and simply move on, so better stay on the right side of the path with the mighty Taurus!



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