5 Secret Ways to Libra’s Heart

In relationship compatibility, Libra is one of the most loving of all zodiac signs, and arguably the sign most longing for a stable partnership. In order to maximise Libra sign compatibility, however, there are some must-dos and some must-nots – read on to find out five secret ways you can woo your Libra.

1 – Flatter Libra’s Ego

You know whatever it is that made you fall in love with Libra in the first place? Keep telling your Libra lover about it. Whether it’s his startlingly beautiful eyes or her sensational singing voice – let Libra know, and keep letting Libra know. When it comes to compatibility, Libra loves flattery. It’s not because he or she is shallow or superficial, but rather because Libra is so desperate to be loved. Your Libra lover doesn’t quite believe that you’re staying around for the long term, so every time you flatter him or her you’ll make Libra feel that little bit more secure.

2 – Opt for Luxurious Loving

Charmingly urbane, sophisticated and cultured, Librans like their sex lives to be likewise. Woo your Libra with fine restaurants, expensive gifts and lovely things, and ensure that you set a romantic scene in the bedroom too. Luxurious materials and perfumes put Libra in the mood for love, and material things really do enhance his or her sexual compatibility; Libra is nothing if not turned on by luxury. If finances don’t stretch to a life of luxury, at least make sure that your bedroom is neat and tastefully decorated, and don’t expect Libra to romp anywhere which doesn’t meet his or her exacting standards.

3 – Give Libra some Self Respect

Because Libra is so keen to be in and remain in a partnership, the Libra lover can become a bit of a doormat, agreeing to anything and everything in order to keep you. Abusive partners can easily take advantage of this, of course, but if you really love your Libra, you’ll want to nip that in the bud. Make it clear to Libra that he or she is an equal partner in the relationship and should sometimes take the lead. This is a great way to increase your compatibility; Libra will feel cherished (if rather taken aback) at the notion of being in charge for a bit, and will love you all the more for it. Take care also to allow your Libra lover to disagree with you; if you’re a strong personality, it’s vital that you don’t just shout over him or her, because Libra will quickly give in – all the time – if you do.

4 – It’s Not Indecision, It’s Fair Mindedness

Lovers of Libra are often driven to distraction by the sign’s inability to make up its mind. If your Libra partner keeps changing opinions, stances, decisions and choices, have some patience. Libra is a supremely rational sign and always seeks fairness and harmony. What seems like indecisiveness is actually just Libra making sure that all bases have been covered. When it comes to compatibility, Libra needs a lot of understanding in this area, even if you have to roll your eyes in private. Give him or her time before you think you’ve heard the final word on anything.

5 – Lead a (Slightly) Separate Life

If it’s left up to your Libra lover, you and he or she will do absolutely everything together. Living in each other’s pockets is nice while you’re in the first flush of intoxication – but it’s vital for Libra’s mental health and for your sanity that you also maintain separate hobbies and friendships. Keep some independence and ensure Libra does too. This will increase your compatibility; Libra may find it challenging at first, though, so reassure him or her that you’re not trying to get out of the relationship.

Source & Citation: https://www.astromatcha.com/astrology-compatibility/libra-compatibility/5-secret-ways-to-libras-heart/


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