7 Things You Need To Know About Loving A Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman is sweet-natured and gentle, unless of course, provoked by one too many a red flag. Belonging to an earthly sign, she is truly the original earth mother – sensible, patient, nurturing, and giving in her ways. True to her zodiac glyph of the bull, she can be both placid and fearsome – a creature of delicious opposites. She may be grazing in her pastures one moment and chasing you off another, if something you have done grated on her. Stubborn and passionate, she is a delectable combination of feisty loving and fiercely explosive temper. She may come off as ‘too much’ for most average Joes out there; but it is her nature to provide the convivial surroundings for admiration to thrive whilst she knows she will not settle for anything save the best. She cuts her way through a broad swathe of admirers, but once she metes out her precious heart to you, who were standing right at the back – perhaps too scared to speak to her – she will be all yours – heart and soul.

Here’s what you need to know about loving a Taurus woman:

1. Her secret weapon is serenity

Composed, peaceful, and patient, a Taurus woman draws attention from all and sundry. This is because in a world ridden with tension, the soothing quality of a Taurus female is unmistakably real and draws potential suitors to her like moths to a flame. Sensual, feminine, and tender, she is equally strong and firm but metes out all decisions with a calm and soothing touch.

2. You will love her strength of character

Owner of an alluring appeal, steadfast nature, strong principles, constancy, and incredible determination, the Taurus woman will surprise you with her grit and passion. She is sensible and thoughtful, sensitive and tender, and is extremely patient even if wedged into a corner. She is practical and takes her time to make up her mind about things and people, but once she does, she will give it her all and be as steady as a rock. You’d be surprised to experience the kind of persistence, resolve, and strength she is capable of. Rising to meet every challenge life throws her way, she is a solid contender for the trophy and most definitely, all the hearts watching too!

3. There’s no love better than the love of a Taurus woman

A Taurus woman takes her time to make up her mind about relationships and likes to be wooed. Once she is sure of the right person and commits, there is no force that can stop the passion she had simply not unlocked until then. Extremely passionate and always tender, she is sensual and well aware of all the ramifications of intimacy. She will seduce you with a delicate grace and then surprise you with a ravenous romp. Her devotion and loyalty in a committed relationship are beyond question and she is an unstinting lover, who shall lap you up with loads of affection and care. Her romanticism will be made of magical moments that shall pull away from the mundane and make you feel like you have escaped to a fantasy land. She will ensure you savor and relish these moments so much so that it gives you a craving only the Taurus in her knows best to satisfy! Loving a Taurus woman ain’t for the faint of heart!

4. She is a nurturer and perseveres to make her relationships thrive

Taking things slow and easy, she is perseverant and shall work hard to make her relationship work. She will stay her course until the fruits of her labor blossom into the relationship she has dreamt of, and will extend this perseverance and nurture to all aspects of her life. She is the giver in a relationship and shall pamper her partner no end. However, rub her the wrong way and you will taste her temper in full force. This is because the gentle and thoughtful ways her loved ones are accustomed to might make them take her for granted, but if you push beyond her saturation point, her nurturing nature can flare into fiery forces of fury.

5. Beware of that fiery temper

Well, she is a bull – so can you really blame her? If you provoke a Taurus woman, be prepared for all hell breaking loose. She isn’t prone to frequent outbursts, but when she does lose it, nobody on the planet is immune to the eruption. Slow to anger, as she might usually shrug off things that are negative and give you a cold shoulder, or just walk away in silence (her favorite form of revenge). However, when all the red flags stare her right up in the face, she will charge like the bull that is, sure to kill her matador and maybe, just maybe, all the others too!

6. She is a true sensualist

A Taurus woman revels in all things sensual. Being a sign of the earth, wallowing in the mud of delicious excesses is a temptation she just cannot resist. A lover of all things material and physical, she is appreciative of the finer things in life. Earthy, ribald, and lusty, she tastes love with each savored bite. Give her a sensual thrill and prepare for experiencing it with trebled intensity. Physical intimacy, tenderness, softness turn her on, and she delights in them. Indulge her affinity for the tactile dimension and watch her purr with pleasure.

7. She can be highly obstinate and stubborn

Well, again, bull-headedness isn’t quite a surprising trait, eh? She is a calm and placid person, minding her own business and steering clear of arguments. However, if needled into an argument, she will stick to her stand with an obstinacy that is hard to displace. Worse still, if pushed for agreement, she will charge at you like a bull who is ready to attack! A Taurus female can be stubborn to the point of exasperation – so you may want to take her on at your own risk. She loves to be right and is usually to willful to change her mind about that, so you would be better off with a great deal of practice at appeasement. Well, we told you she isn’t quite made for an average Joe!

If a few challenges don’t throw you off balance and you want to taste the stars on the tip of your tongue, loving a Taurus woman is just what the doctor ordered! Happy Loving! 







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