7 Things You Need To Know About Loving A Cancer Woman

Ruled by the moon, a Cancer woman is a delicate, feminine, and seductive creature, who can, not unlike its ruler, get eclipsed and then, take on several different forms whilst peeking out from behind the swathes! Governed by water, a Cancer woman is a tidal force of complex and conflicting waves – each of which battle to gain control. She can be reserved one moment and quite outgoing another, fickle at one point and strong-willed the next, thereby, never getting pinned to a definite. Given that she belongs to the Zodiac sign that, in itself, is quite imprecise, this trait isn’t really surprising.

Extremely sensitive and sympathetic, a Cancer woman is intuitive and has an unerring gut feel about things and people. Herself a sea of deep emotions, she is unafraid to wade in one and makes for a great partner. Loving a Cancer woman involves opening oneself to an uninhibited possibility of love, in its naked vulnerability.

Here are the things you must know about loving a Cancer woman and about a Cancer woman in love:


The woo-and-win stage does not mark the end of romance in a relationship with a Cancer woman. Romance is air to her, she breathes in it, and lives it. So, if you have fallen hard for a Cancer woman and wish to keep her, keeping the romance-knob dialed up at all times is a good place to start!

2. She believes in the ‘home is where the heart is’ maxim

Just like her male counterpart, a Cancer woman is homely and revels in the realm of the domestic. Hardly surprising for a woman who bears the sign of the crab – a creature who lugs his own home behind his back! Whipping up hearty meals, garnished with family tales, served over a large dinner table are all things that rev up her heartbeat! Her home and hearth are the closest to her heart, and she can become quite aggressive and ruthless, when she senses imminent danger. And if home isn’t really where your heart is, you can forget about finding your home in her! Ah, a Cancer woman in love is truly a complex creature!

3. She is an emotional being

Extremely emotional and sensitive, a Cancer woman needs to feel emotionally close to her partner. Blessed with an extremely sympathetic and caring nature, a Cancer woman can bowl any man over but will hardly reciprocate his interest if he does not set sail on her emotional sea. You also have to take care not to get on the wrong side of her sensitivity lest she take it hard and shut you out altogether.

4. Slow, sensual sex is her ‘behind-closed-doors’ formula

Not only is a Cancer woman an exceptional partner and gets those heartbeats revved up by an unwavering dose of love, she also knows to let sex be a healthy manifestation of that emotional connection. Sex is a slow, sensual dance which she ensures set her in sync with the moves of her partner.

5. She has a nurturing nature

If you have found a woman who insists that the linen be in the top drawer, is more than happy to arrange your wardrobe and cannot wait for Thanksgiving to whip you that delicious turkey dinner, you can be sure that you have found yourself a keeper. And the woman, in all likelihood, is a Cancerian. However, her nurturing nature, her matriarchal streak, and need for control and authority can get smothering. Not to dissuade, but just to provide caution.

6. And oh, there are challenges

The sensitive nature of a Cancerian soul comes with an unnerving duality. While she may read your mind just like you’d ever wanted, she may expect the same. So if she has dodged the question of Saturday night plans with ‘you decide,’ she secretly implies for you to rewind and replay all your week’s worth of conversations and find that subtle hint about that antique shop. Similarly, you never know when an unintentional remark may grate on her. She will take offense and no amount of cajoling and coaxing will cause her to yield, unless she’s ready! Up for it, boy?

7. She needs to feel invested in

Emotional security is one of the foremost requisites for a Cancer woman. If she gets into a romantic relationship, she is, in all possibility, looking at marriage as the blatant culmination. She needs to feel reassured of your investment in her and any slight disturbance or threat may cause her to retreat, withdraw or call it quits.

And that’s all you need to know about loving a Cancer woman and a Cancer woman in love, and we hope that wasn’t too scary! Good luck! 

 Source & Citation: http://www.newlovetimes.com/things-to-know-about-a-cancer-woman-in-love/
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