8 Things To Know About Loving A Leo Woman

True to the spectacular sign she belongs to, a Leo woman is the sunny center of the universe, a feline creature who adores attention, and gets truckloads of it too. Passionate, playful, and lively, a Leo woman in love is rightfully the queen who you’d do well to always be on the good side of – for her roar can get you capital punishment and her purr the most pleasant of presents!


As such, loving a Leo woman – this delectable mix of opposites who is a wild lioness with her claws bared at the slightest of wrongs one second and a tame kitty purring with pleasure when pampered and indulged another – isn’t quite a cakewalk. Loving a Leo woman needs much more than the usual lessons in affection and patience. And we are happy to tell you why. Here’s what you really need to know about a Leo woman in love:

1. There is no mid-way for the Leo woman

Yes, there are no two ways about it. It is an all or nothing deal for her. The intensity and passion that she directs to each aspect of her life is somehow the most prominent in her love life. Its luster shall be overwhelmingly blinding at times whilst being extremely alluring on other occasions – and never incapable of catching your eye. Life with her will be one full of extremes – with every crest and trough amplified by leaps and bounds – and no possibility of staying in the midzone ever. Which means if she loves, she will love hard or not love at all. And if you have earned that my boy, keep it, savor it, and treasure it – always!

2. She makes every moment of romance worth it

The Leo woman, just like her male counterpart, is looking for a partner to hunt with her in the urban jungle. She does not need a caregiver so much as someone who is as loyal, devoted, and faithful as her own self. The lioness, after all, is an edgy, dangerous, and strong creature – wild and magnificent in her aura and she will never make life a routine thing. Routine is anathema and adventure fair sport. She will inject the game-dope into your life alongside yours – and together, it will be a-play-you-will-never-tire-of. All puns intended!

3. She is full of life, and the zest is infectious

The warm spirit of a Leo woman makes her an incredibly charming and magnetic being. People are drawn to her enthusiasm and she flutters about like a social butterfly, her black book crammed with contacts, her diary often double booked. She is likely to indulge her friends and family and will never be responsible for a dull moment.

4. Expect sex to be one helluva ride, every single effing time

She is the lioness and physicality is her ruling principle. She will love with an appetite becoming of the lioness but a love that befits a lamb’s gentle touch. She will make love to you with all the spirit of a raw animal while she tugs at your soul and lets you know she loves you. Her fiery sex drive and desire for game – in and out of the bedroom – makes the carnal cornucopia with her a carnival you will always be merry in!

5. When it comes to all things tangible, ‘perfection’ is the mantra

Padding around with exquisite, lithe grace, you can expect the queen of the jungle to be sartorially perfect at all times. Leos love luxury; however, all things should not only be expensive, but also exclusive. A Leo woman will never look common or vulgar because she has excellent taste. A statement piece, an unusual furnishing, a rage of a trend whose ripples started at the Leonian epicenter – are all becoming of the Leo woman.

6. Get on her wrong side and she will scratch your eyes right out

The Leonine temper isn’t the kind of fire you want to play with. Flare up those Leonine temper flames and you are bound to get burnt bad. If she fluffs her mane and bares her claws coz you angered her, you aren’t getting back home without having lost a limb! Sometimes, you may not get home at all. So, be careful!

7. Stubborn could be her surname

A Leo woman is quite an opinionated female and the fixity of her zodiac lends itself to extend the ‘rigidity’ of her mind and heart to make a pronounced presence felt in her behavior and consequent actions. Therefore, she is unlikely to be accommodating toward a different opinion and can get really unrelenting. You’d do better not to challenge the ‘I-know-it-best’ attitude and agree she’s right! More often than not, she is!

8. She allows her desires to design her destiny

The intense passion and energy that propels a Leo is visible in the way she directs her dreams and desires to actualization. She is full of energy and never fails to work hard to realize her dreams. She never has long moments of doubt and is usually confident about achieving something if she’s set her mind on it.

A Leo woman radiates immense energy and magnetism that is likely to bring out the sun in the lives of everybody around her. A strong and happy creature, full of vitality, a Leo woman in love is a treasure! And when you get her, don’t let go!

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